Invaluable or Worthless: The Disadvantages of Modern Internships

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If you search about modern internships in Google, you’ll get a ton of study proving why modern internships are the best bet.

And why modern internships can guarantee a job twice as much when you do an internship than when you don’t.

So, reading about why you shouldn’t do an internship may not be the most enthralling thing to ponder.

And it’s a good idea to know a completely contrasting view about internships that will give you a solid framework to make a decision.

Let’s get started.

Modern internships exploit the students

Not every organization does.

But there’s a certain high about hiring interns these days.

Whenever an organization needs a project complete, instead of paying a professional or hiring an employee, they take the most financially viable decision.

They hire an intern that has all the skills, but the payment is way lower than a professional or an employee. And sometimes, there’s no payment instead they tell the interns that the company is already investing a lot in training them.

Sounds familiar?

These are traps, not a bridge to close the gap between your education and an HR career.

Modern internships often offer grunt work

Let’s say that there’s a lot of work for a recruitment team in a reputed firm.

And there’s rarely anyone who can print out the decks or make the cold calls to freshers.

Or what’s best there’s no one to do a PA’s job when the team leader has a lot on her plate.

Even if it seems that we’re showing you the negative light, hear us out; this is the reality of modern internships.

If you go into a reputed firm, often your skills won’t be utilized the way you want.

Instead, you need to stand hours in front of a large printer and print out the deck for your team leader.

And she would tell you to spell-check her emails or to send you hundreds of rejection emails to candidates that are rejected in the last recruitment drive.

And then, when you’d want to shadow how she’s working, she will give you another grunt work.

Months will pass by.

And all you’d have in your kitty is an experience certificate that means nothing.

Modern internships don’t help you upgrade your skills

Which is obvious, isn’t it?

An internship should be a bridge between what you don’t know to how to do a job.

But instead of becoming more employable, you become more prone to downgrade your ability to conquer.

Instead of saying that ‘I’m sure, I’ll do it,’ you doubt your ability to learn/do a job.

Bust this myth that internships are the only way to get an HR job or any job whatsoever.

Rather, learn the skills, invest in a solid certification/s. And really focus on upgrading your skills, knowledge, mindsets.

Get out of the gutter

We’re not against internships. We hire interns ourselves.

But what worries us is the way students are exploited in the name of internships.

‘Need an intern for a recruitment drive’.

‘Need an intern rockstar to be part of our HR team’.

‘We’re hiring HR interns! Hurry.’

The funny thing about all of these advertisements is that they proudly showcase that they need an intern to exploit as if interns will be obliged to get an entry into an organization which should be the other way around, isn’t it?

Stop these non-sense.

And learn from the ones who have already walked the path you want to walk on.

There’s no magic bullet or quick fixes and Harry won’t become an HR just by swallowing a magic internship for a couple of months.


Instead, do what’s required.

And here’s your opportunity.

We’re conducting an HR boot camp where you will be able to learn all the hands-on skills necessary for getting an entry into an HR job.

We don’t have any hack really.

We will work hard on you.

And we expect you to work harder on yourselves.

And that’s exactly what you need to upgrade yourself from a student to an HR professional.

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