Why this one thing would ensure that you achieve all your career goals?

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A goal is not a future reference point.

It’s something that you aim at.

It’s something you start your thinking from.

It’s something that pulls you through difficult times.

It’s a point of becoming in your mind before you ever achieve anything.

And that’s what we will talk about today.

If you want to have a successful HR career

No, it’s not an internship that will give you an edge. Internship can be helpful, but it’s not a means to an end.

You need to do something different.

You need to etch out a vision in your mind and articulate it in a way that goes with who you’re becoming.

A successful HR career isn’t a day-dream, if you do this thing right.

Imagine yourself down the line in your career –

  • Who you want to be?
  • The person you want to becomes does what in a day?
  • What skills that individual has?
  • What sort of HR career s/he has designed?
  • Why it’s important to him/her (your future self)?
  • What would happen if you don’t become your ideal future self?
  • Who can you see as your reference points so that you can learn from them?
  • How much time you think your present self needs to become your ideal future self?

These questions are open-ended questions.

And if you take time to answer these questions and truly go inside your heart, you’ll see that you have a map that will guide you to have a wonderful HR career.

Like the other career aspirants, a successful HR career also needs careful planning, imparting core skills, and learning the knowledge chunks to prepare yourself.

Along with creating a vision for yourself, you need to create a staircase.

And let’s talk about how to build one.

Building the staircase – the elements of creating a successful HR career

A staircase is built by putting the right steps one after another.

Here’s the right sequence, build one –

Have a vague vision at the start

That’s what you need at the beginning.

Even if you can’t see the whole staircase.

All you need to have is an ambiguous idea to be what you want in your HR career – it could be a recruitment professional or a performance manager or a training specialist or an HR generalist.

No matter what you want to become, keep that ideal in your mind and build the next step.

Gain more clarity around your vision

Once you have a vague idea about who you want to become in your HR career, here are the three things you need to do –

  • First, find out a mentor/leader you can emulate and who fits into your vague idea of your ideal career
  • Second, invite them for a coffee ( a meeting) to pick their brain
  • Third, find out more about what they talk about

Get a certification in each of the areas/try out the area in real sense

Engagement brings clarity.

Go for a certification or two in the area you want to specialize in.

The best thing about Skillhub Learning is that we don’t only teach you a certification; we also hand-hold you to act your ideal career role.

This gives you immense exposure and real-life scenario to make a decision.

Get exposure

Now you can for an internship if you want in the same domain that you want to go into.

What most students do is that they sign up for an internship without thinking about anything.

First build the three steps and then create the last step for yourself.

Make sure that the internship is more about working on the core competencies of the domain rather than doing just grunt work.

Repetitive boring excel work, admin, document processing, printing out presentation for your seniors/team isn’t the purpose of your internship.

You need to get the crux out of the domain so that you can be certain whether you should go for this domain in near future or change your course.

In the final analysis

Having a vision for your HR career will put you ahead of most of your peers.

Just follow the steps and don’t forget the sequence.

And you’ll have a golden HR career ahead of you.