Why HR internships alone won’t equip you with the ability to crack a job?

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The history of the internship will amaze you.

The term ‘intern’ is the product of our medical fraternity. 

Before World War I, the doctor who had a degree, but didn’t have a license used to take doctors-in-training. That doctors-in-training turned into the term called ‘intern’. 

After 1960, the word ‘intern’ got popular and even got introduced to other career options. 

You can also compare an internship with an apprenticeship, but both are quite different in scope and outcome.

An internship is limited to a narrower scope and the time, the effort devoted to the organization is limited. 

Whereas, an apprenticeship which was popular around the year 1080 or before is broader in scope, has very limited application these days, and doesn’t end in a few months (take years often).

Why HR Internships isn’t your ultimate tool to ensure an entry-level job?

We have a habit of keeping everything in sequence and since our mind runs faster than our legs or career ever could, we daydream a lot.

Whenever you get into an internship and you like the organization, the first thought is – ‘What if I get a full-time opportunity here!’

Ambition is a virtue, but depending on something that you have no control over isn’t a wise move.

Here are the critical reasons why your thoughts of turning an internship into an entry-level job could be a daydream –

  • An internship is often unpaid which means you are not treated as a valuable asset as you should have been treated. Can you see the gap?
  • An internship consists of a series of grunt work that won’t build your capacity as an HR professional. Who likes to use printers & touch base on already created decks anyway?
  • An internship is often a way for employers to exploit your skills because they don’t have the ability to pay you as an employee. It means, no, this internship isn’t turning into a job (there’s always exception though)
  • When you’re doing an internship, most of the time you’re taking orders. There’s almost no room to use your creativity and bring in a fresh perspective (which could be your strength)
  • An internship doesn’t focus on building your abilities to do a job but exploits you to build the assets of the organization

On the surface, the above pointers may seem like that we’re dead against the internship, but we’re not (we have just hired a bunch of interns so that we can mold them into something they want to be).

Truth is bitter, but it shows the way

Many organizations treat their interns quite well, but if you visit 100, you will see that 90 out of 100 is after you for the admin work and they won’t provide any opportunity for growth.

We want to change that.

We want all HR interns to get their dream jobs in their dream organizations.

But for that, they need to focus on the right things i.e. building their knowledge, skill, abilities so that they can start their career as an HR and turn their daydream into reality.

Whether you go for an internship or not, here’s what you should do – LEARN what will help you EARN an HR job.

We at Skillhub are committed to transmitting the same ideal to you so that you’re not swayed.

There are many courses, workshops in the market that promises a ton but don’t fare well once the workshops are over. And they cost just INR 99.

We won’t promise you a castle. Rather we will handhold you, teach you, and impart you everything you need to create a career in HR.

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