Career dilemma for HR Freshers!

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Where can I find entry-level HR roles as we do not see any requirements? Most of the recruiter jobs are with consulting organizations where there is a very slow or no growth?

This is the dilemma with most of the MBA freshers especially from Tier 2,3 cities

Yes, that’s right the large organizations pick up the entry-level resources from premium institutes thru their Campus drives

SMEs were hardly recruiting HR talents and options left were with Recruitment consultants or the temp staffing vendors

Well the things will be different now ?

SMEs have started looking to have an in-house HRs for their Team building & Management

So what will be the career option in HR for the freshers?

Start with a Career Goal first. The goal however cannot be “a Senior leadership position in HR”. Get clarity on your goals and that begins with awareness about the possible options.

You need to decide on Industry segment & size viz large organizations or SMEs; they both have the scope and converge ahead

One Rule of Thumb ?

If you miss the opportunity for Campus drive, focus on Small & Medium enterprises who will be looking for entry-level resources for Recruiting/Operations

Take some experience here, build your profile. You can choose to have multifaceted skills or you can choose to be a specialist

Here is the HR hierarchy

Medium enterprises prefer having generalist profiles as the level & scope of work is less. If you are the one who can wear multiple hats and enjoy managing multiple roles, keep growing in the same sector

If your preference is still the larger organizations, look for specializing in a particular function of HR viz TA, HRBP, L&D, Talent Management, Comp & Ben, etc

You will find requirements at a little advanced career level and this is your opportunity to switch to the larger organization. The road however is not going to be easy and you need to build strong abilities in you

Focus on the Roles, identify the desired abilities, act upon and build the necessary abilities

A word of caution!

If your college fails to provide good placement drives; do not get disheartened. Going for another degree/certificate is not a solution unless it is to learn particular skills

The road ahead may be difficult but it is not closed.

Change your approach, your methods but do not shift the Goal Post!

You may use a different vehicle, you may take another road but keep your destination clear.

Everyone is Qualified; You need to focus on staying Relevant.