You can be a Jack of All Trades in HR – A HR Generalist Path to an Empowered HR Career

HR Generalist Training
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If you are one of those people who love the breadth of growth instead of depth, you’re the perfect fit for an HR generalist role.

Here’s why.

When you are reasonably good at multiple skills instead of being a master in one, you have that innate ability to connect the dots and make a sense of the big picture very few understand.

Ever thought that you are the odd one out there, welcome to an HR career that will make you realize this is the reason you’re different than the pack.

In this brief guide, let’s have a look at what skills you should work toward if you want to be a rockstar HR generalist in your organization.

Skills Required to Become a Rockstar HR Generalist

Here are the areas you should be reasonably good in –

  • HR Administration: Sounds boring isn’t it? But if you dig deep you would figure that it’s that soft thread that binds hiring & performance management. HR Administration allows you to follow a set of systems in an organization – from onboarding an employee to induction to making sure that the new employees have all the comfort to start working with other facilities for exiting employees and more.
  • Hiring: The next on the list is attracting an A-team for your organization. You’d say – ‘But that’s supposed to be the job of a recruiter, right?’ Of course, yes. But what if you’re someone who is one of a few in the HR team and the recruiter in the team isn’t available for a month. Don’t you think that you should wear the hat of a recruiter whenever required and attract the best candidates?
  • Performance Management: How a particular team is performing for achieving the strategic objective of the organization during the last quarter? Though performance management has various layers, looking at & making sure that your employees are aligned with the strategic objective/s is one of the most critical elements of HR functions. And as a generalist, you may often need to play the role of a referee in the game called performance appraisal.
  • Compliance: Whether the company and its employees are adhering to the policies, the procedures, the systems, the processes, HR compliance ensures that. Having know-how of compliance will help you tread the path of an HR generalist with confidence and make your work super-fun.
  • HRIS: Human Resources Information System – this is one of the most ignored parts of HR these days. If you’re good with analytics and data, you’d be a perfect fit for handling HRIS for your organization.

How Would You Learn These Critical Skills?

The skills are a few of many skills of an HR generalist.

And there are two ways to learn all of these skills.

The first way is the hard way.

Work your way up. Start your career with recruitment. Then move to the Training & Development. Then slowly shift to Performance Management & Compliance. Then along with HRIS, add HR Admin & Facility Management. Then 25 years go by and you become an empowered HR generalist.

Though we don’t recommend any quick fixes, there’s this second way that will cut your learning curve in half and guide you to become that empowered HR generalist much faster.

Plus you won’t lose the learning & the experience.

And that is to enroll for SkillHub Learning’s HR Generalist Certification. 

This single certification will switch on the HR generalist in you. Just have a look at the curriculum here and you’ll realize.

If there’s only one HR generalist certification you should do, it’s this. Not because it’s our program, but because we know what we’ve put into this course (hint: more than 20 years of hardcore HR experience & expertise).

Go ahead and enroll.

An empowering HR career awaits you!