Converting Adversity to Opportunity

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“Sweet are the uses of adversity which, like the toad, ugly and venomous, wears yet a precious jewel in his head.” ~William Shakespeare

One example you of converting an adversity into an opportunity which you can’t miss is that of Vivek Anand. Here is why?

Let me begin with what’s was his WHY in setting up Skill Hub?

For years Vivek wanted to switch his career from Education/Training to HR. But all his bosses were either too immature or motivated to ignore his strengths. The resistance was not due to his lack of abilities but he was even refused an audience. And all this because he didn’t have prior experience in HR. The two factors that had led him down in most cases were not having an HR qualification and not having HR experience in the CV. This despite having a great understanding and some hands on experience. Most recruiters didn’t understand his view point and when he asked for guidance, all that he got was an advice to get a fancy degree/certificates for a fancy CV. He did all that. Got some certifications and even enhanced his learning, even registered for a PGDM program. He even spent money on creating a fancy CV but one thing he could not was the on paper experience

This is when he decided to follow what I call #BurnYourCV and now he instead started representing himself the right way and decided to help others like him and to give them what he could not get.

By now he lost faith in the corporate and decided to convert his adversity in to an opportunity for himself and others like him. He set up his own HR Experience hubs with two vows:

  1. Help all the freshers/job seekers/career changers to build the necessary capabilities in HR
  2. Teach the HRs to manage their work with a Human approach not the machine’s way

So what do they do?

Vivek trains fresh HR graduates on core HR strategies in a most practical way with a total focus on hands-on learning. They even engage with SMEs and other businesses that need support in creating the right HR frameworks.

These assignments are complimentary for them and Vivek uses it as an opportunity to expose his trainees with the real business problems. He serve two broad purposes here, first the students get exposed to the problems since through our mentoring he helps them overcome the business problems and two, the businesses taste the Right HR frameworks. He calls this as seeding the Right practices.

How do they do it?

Skill Hub has created multiple modules covering the most important facets of HR and their approach makes them different from others. Vivek’s focus is on learning not training. Which is why all sessions are conducted as workshops rather than lectures. Live case studies are discussed to make the sessions engaging and ensuring that the participants are made to solve similar such problem cases.

So What’s new?

Vivek launched Mentoring services for HR professionals/aspirants where they are encouraged to chose the segments. He brings more HR professionals on the platform to deliver these Mentoring services. As of now he has experts from OD, L&D, Talent Management, Assessment Centers, Payroll & Compliances, Talent Acquisition offering a a bouquet of modules to the mentees where they create their own Menu and the Mentors work with them on the items chosen.

The Message

Vivek is a living example of how Rejection can be used to Create Value for oneself and for others in similar adverse situations. I had the pleasure of training Vivek years ago on how to carve a great niche for himself and today I am so proud not just because he proved me right but because he proved himself right!