What are the 4 stages of Competence?

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What are the 4 stages of Competence?

Here it is…

1. Unconscious Incompetence — This is a happy state for many, All is Well…Life is moving on its Pace…till there is a #Covid19 kind of a crisis. Suddenly, life turns into hell…Why Me? is the question occupying your mind and emotion? Not easy to explain to them anything

The majority of your team members would fall into this…Do not push them…do not punish them…handle them with care

2. Conscious Incompetence — This is the stage of realization. Many would realize and accept their Incompetence and plan to work towards it. However, there will be still a few who sho resistance in accepting, they are so used to their usual routine. Provide an environment conducive to learning & development to those who accept their Incompetence. Well, for the ones who do not yet accept, let them feel victim for some more time

3. Conscious Competence — Yes they have learned…they see a light, finally. They are now excited & charged up. They need attention, care, and proper Mentoring before this excitement gets on their head and blocks further development. They need to continuously work on continuously improving and grow their Career ladder

4. Unconscious Competence — I know it all, so what life doesn’t end throwing challenges at you. Look carefully, there is other Incompetence hiding with you, waiting for another crisis that will uncover them. It is up to you, discover them on your own and work on them, or wait for another crisis, another bad phase, another cycle of Pain, and then solve it. Remember, you have done it in the past and you have the competence to do it again.

Did you like it, understand it?

Whom was this written for?

This is for all of us whether we are a jobseeker struggling to get a job and had been laid off recently due to pandemic


the who is looking for growth in Career, but the luck/favors are not on their side


The L&D practitioners, responsible to develop their people and build world-class teams.

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