HR to play a significant Role in Business Recovery – Covid19

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Globally, we are all going through trying times. Our nation is in a gruesome lockdown. Businesses, working professionals, Jobseekers, and students are just about hanging in there, while the Government, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and host of essential services workers and officers are at the frontline doing their best to curtail the onslaught.

 Life has suddenly come to almost a standstill.

The economy is tanking from the crippling impact of coronavirus, and the recovery would be a herculean task.

 What will be one critical challenge as well as an opportunity, in recovery, for all businesses be it big or small?

Managing your people.

 Lack of funds will lead to salary deductions, delayed salaries, no incentives, layoffs (in certain cases) will result in low employee morale. Recovery and getting your business back on track would not be easy or practically impossible with our engaged & motivated employees.

 This will be the time when your HR has to take charge. If yours is a small business with no formal HR then the owners will have to wear the hat.

While the businesses are facing the impact of coronavirus, there is a large pool of Youth undergoing their Graduate/ MBA program, who were all set to embark on their Internships or full-time jobs but now they stand deprived of this opportunity.

At a time when organizations have work from home and certain policies in place, we are hopeful to secure virtual projects and mentoring for these students, who are anxious and not sure what the future holds for them.

We care for this young lot and have decided to handhold them to get them the internship exposures.

Now, how does this work?

These fresh graduates from the premium management institutes are equipped to brainstorm on the factors and derive a solution that can help you in a magical recovery. Under the expert mentoring of one of our experts, the students will conduct a study on your business scenarios and showcase the different possible solutions to support you in your recovery process.

Why will they do this? What do they expect?

An Opportunity.

 Opportunity to understand real business challenges and then apply their knowledge to solve these business cases. You can support them in their endeavor to make Human Resources more effective and get their support in overcoming your HR-related issues. Isn’t it a WIN-WIN solution?

We call upon businesses to come forward and support us in this mission. To reach us if you need virtual interns and we will prepare them to deliver a positive impact through the work assigned to them. We have students from some of the leading institutions representing streams viz Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, etc.