Lost Internship? What next…

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Lost an Internship opportunity?

Don’t sulk; you might not have lost much as many of them fail to deliver what was expected

Let’s understand, Why Internship?

It’s a strong process that was introduced to provide you an opportunity to exercise the knowledge acquired during our education program

But how it was perceived was a little different. We started to see it as an opportunity to get a tag of some big brand that could help us secure a better job (if not in the same organization). Learning took a backseat; we lost our focus and were ready to do any task that got assigned; Internship certificate being the biggest takeaway

Let’s treat the current crisis as an opportunity to shift our focus back to learning. You won’t lose much by not getting that prestigious Internship, in fact, you can turn this to your favor through focused learning. Lessons learned & abilities developed during this period would fascinate an employer the most. You do not approach them with a certificate but the strong value that you can bring to their business.

How do you do that?

  1. Identify a segment of your choice within your chosen domain
  2. Gather more information and explore it
  3. More research that you do will help you identify the business issues that your chosen sector is facing or might face post #Covid10
  4. Reach out to businesses and offer your time to analyze and find a solution. Don’t look in for big brands if you want to experiment & learn. Look for smaller businesses/SMEs, they will be happy to give you the opportunity
  5. Yes, mobility will be an issue and all businesses may not be in a position for this virtual interaction; you can look for some live case studies. Remember, the purpose for you, more than anything else is to learn and improve your understanding

You are now better aware and prepared to make an Impact. You would develop a special interest in your chosen sector and know more about it, more than what Education taught you

You are now aware of the business challenges & opportunities better.

Go ahead, showcase your understanding & expertise, use Social channels, and build your brand.

Don’t logon to LinkedIn to search or ask for a job;  build your brand, get noticed, get Hired

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