Why is Training an Incomplete Solution?

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To consider Training as a complete solution and expecting it to transform performance would not be right which is why I say Training is the most INCOMPLETE tool. Have tried listing few WHYs below:

Diagnosis, not Training is critical to the success

Training, like medicine, is not a solution to be bought over the counter. I am not referring to the elementary training programs where a standard module works well but the performance-related issues must be dealt with extreme caution and must be referred to the right specialist.

If you are not much aware of the causes, every solution will look good

Training, like medicines, must be taken to treat the root causes of a problem and not symptoms. Like medicine taken to treat symptoms may give initial relief but may resurface later – WHYs of a Training program outweigh WHATs & HOWs.

Training alone may not fetch the desired results

It’s a proven fact that things are best learned by keen observation & practice. Training focuses on WHYs & WHATs of the learning process. To translate this knowledge into learning, one needs to back it up by strong observation and meaningful action which is the HOW and with repeated actions, one obtains the true wisdom of knowing WHEN to use this skill. This also is referred to in 70/20/10 of Learning.

So, when the only thing that a good and effective training program can do is to put the candidates on the right trajectory of learning, it would not be wise to hold training responsible for the end results. 

Training is not a solution to all performance issues

One size doesn’t fit all, Yes, that works here too. People at different experience levels have different learning needs and anyone learning style will not work. Training is best used for transferring Knowledge (WHAT & WHY). When this knowledge is put to practice, HOW & WHEN is learned, and at this stage Coaching & Mentoring works best. It’s like hand-holding people and helping them evolve.

To design a successful learning strategy, we need the RIGHT mix of Training, Coaching & Mentoring. However, the image above is indicative only, used for representation which may not reflect the exact hierarchy of learning needs.

Like always, I will greatly appreciate your views and any addition/correction in this is most welcomed.