Eligibility or Employability

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Eligibility or Employability

Completed your Graduation?

Wow, that’s wonderful!

Now, what’s next?

Looking for a job?

Do you need which one will be just right for you?


Okay, so you are now planning or are being advised to do some certifications.

Well, there will be many to choose from…great

Cool, so you have chosen & completed one ☝

Good so you now know which job you need to apply and probably you have already auctioned them


But you couldn’t ace those interviews…it’s unfortunate

You probably failed to express yourself and your knowledge…your degree, certifications & high grades didn’t help.

It’s time now for some communication skills, CV writing workshops, Image Consulting etc…

Are you still missing the magic? Is success still at a distance?

Let’s find the missing link…

If after completing your graduation, you are wondering which job you should go for or if you are open to any job then you just have completed your degree, you did not understand the purpose. You’ve become Eligible.

What you missed big time here is the Domain Understanding. Your graduation is supposed to help you join a particular industry segment and that’s why you are wondering which Job?

The certification you do after your graduation is supposed to fill this gap…you should choose it wisely

But generally what we do is, we choose the most popular one. The one that can fetch you a job.

You’ve now added another eligibility statement but you are not Employable

So what makes you Employable?

It is the Right domain knowledge

Before you learn anything (degree or certification), you should identify the industry segment you wish to work for and then align your education with it…Results will be far better

Makes sense?

Did you miss that?

It’s never too late. Instead of jumping onto endless job applications…identify what job is good for you

Then choose a program that will help you understand & learn more about your target industry segment. Try to get some real-life experience on it

Yayyy, you are now eligible…you now know which job you should apply for and why?

You will experience a better outcome…a good job and a far better compensation

To judge this, we have introduced a mandatory Employ ability assessment for all our students that helps them know them better

Want to know more?

Write to me on vivek@skillhubconsulting.com and I will be happy to help