Building Teams – Role of HR

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“Our People are our Strength” – this is one core Value that many organisations boast of…

When People are your most important resource, which would be your most important

It cannot be Sales or Production or Marketing, it has to be your HR that takes care of your people…it nurtures them

Here are some essential Skills / Competencies that your HR MUST have:

Business Understanding – It’s very important for your HR to understand your business, its challenges & requirements. Unless they know this, how will they identify and nurture the best #talent for you? Let them understand your business and then determine what is the RIGHT talent for you. Their role is much more than Hiring and managing your people

Coaching – These are again very important skills for an HR. They are not just the messenger of Management or the ones who are chosen to deliver the bad news often.
They must know how to deal with such situation and manage your people. Enough of ” What can I do…its a management decision…” Their role is to build a strong culture where employees are encouraged to adapt, execute, comply & contribute

Strategic Design – Their role doesn’t start after the key decisions are taken but they must be a part of all strategic meetings & discussions. Let them represent your strength, strongly…your people. This will create deeper Engagement and increase Committment

This workforce, most commonly referred to as Talent is what drives the Success which makes HR all the more important. The process of identifying these Talents has to be a carefully drafted system to ensure the RIGHT workforce that takes the organization on the growth trajectory. One common mistake that the HRs/Organisations make is to find suitable Talent outside. Each individual is good and possesses some special abilities but all of them might not suit your business needs.
Some of the best Organizations have adopted their own process; they nurture and develop the Talent that their business needs. When you help your people grow, not just financially but also in terms of their Talent; a dedicated and committed resource is what you get
Here is the life-cycle of Talent for simple understanding. Remember, building an organisation is like planting a fresh crop; you will find them so similar
Stage 1: Identifying What Talent your Organization needs
This is a critical stage and can cost dearly if taken lightly. You need to ascertain the Talent that your business needs and understand the skills that you need to look for. Experience is the most misunderstood term and not necessarily represents the unique skills you require. Any misfit or wrong selection made here will impact the organization growth and some amount of unrest; both in employer as well as employee. Look for the required behaviour & attitude coupled with knowledge and interest. Raw talent is more like the best quality seed that you chose for your crop.

Don’t go for the Qualification & Experience only; look for Skills

Stage 2: Assigning the RIGHT Tasks

Now that we have identified the right resource, we need to plant them well in the right place. Basis their skills, interest areas & an attitude we need to deploy them in the right function and give them the space to perform and grow. Keep in mind their skills, background, attitude and most importantly their career aspiration while deploying them. Even the best of the seed needs the right place to germinate.

It has to be a diligent Deployment

Stage 3: Nurture them

No Talent is ever complete; we need to nurture them, help them develop and grow. This is an important stage where your Talent needs a lot of support. You need to trust their
abilities, guide them, train them and help them increase their performance level. You need a lot of emotional bonding with your People and provide them with the confidence that you are there to take care of them. This bonding is magical; you can experience the exceptional performance

Don’t just monitor, handhold them

Stage 4: Give them the Opportunity to Grow

Your Talent is ready and is already performing well in their designated role. What next? This repetitive work can cause monotony and you need to be careful of that. You anyways
need more Talent at the next level. Continue to trust their abilities and show them opportunities to learn new things and grow. This will also give them a sense of
belongingness & ownership and you get total commitment & determination in return.

You only need to create a supportive environment; develop a strong learning culture

Looking for a ready Talent may work in some cases but the focus must be more on developing a sustainable workforce. There could be some alternate thoughts too and we would love to discuss them

We at Skillhub strongly believe in Transformation through Learning. We Seed Success through Transforming Learning

We help businesses, especially SMEs and support them developing a strong culture that is conducive to Learning. We help them break the myth “HR is only for large
Corporate”. HR for us is an approach towards your organization and not just a function
If you relate to this or you require some support, please feel free to reach us on Please leave a note if you need to assess your current
organization design/culture and we will be happy to assist you. The first consultation will be on us…yes it will be complimentary for YOU