The gap between Education & Employability – Insights

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5 educational statistics that will blow your mind

The glum chum weather of India’s employability is making you sad?

Well, we have good news.

Here’re mind-boggling education statistics that will blow your mind.

Ready, let’s get started.

Employability score

Seems like, we’re here for a treat, right?

Can you see the rising graph below?

As you can see, the overall employability of India has been increasing.

As per the India Skill Report, 2018, it is now 45.6%. In the year 2014, it was 33.95%. That means, there’s a 11.65% increase in just 4 years.

Isn’t it fascinating for job-hunters?

Let’s go to the next stat.

States with highest employment

Thinking whether your states are in the list?

Check for yourself below.

Here’re the 10 states that have the highest employment –

Where do you live? Can you find the state where you live?

If not, no issues. Our work (as educator and employability enabler) will help you achieve your dream employment.

Let’s see the next statistics now.

Hiring Intent on Skills

The hiring intent on skills has been the greatest change we can see.

The employers are understand the value of domain expertise, positivity, and flexibility.

Have a look at the top 8 skills employers look for in you (if you’re looking for a job) –

If you don’t have any idea about your domain (or in the area you want to get a job), the purpose of job hunting will go in vain.

That’s why we have created programs that will make you an expert in your field. Along with that we teach you life skills as well.


Look at the fourth skill that employers look for. You’re right, it is English language.

If you’re not good in English, you need to learn.

What’s next?

What support students need to make an informed decision?

This is the most critical question.

And the answer lies in the stat below –

If you look closely, you will see that skill trainings come at top.

Students prefer skills training even more than internships opportunities.

Now you understand why we provide job-ready programs so that you not only make informed decisions, but you can also perform a job like a pro.

Hiring intent on Educational Domain

Again we come back to the hiring domain.

And we have good news for you if you’ve just completed your graduation.

Here’s why –

If you see closely, you will see that the maximum opportunity is for graduates who have completed BA/BCA/BBA/B.Com.

Isn’t it fascinating?

Even if we expected that engineering will top the list, it isn’t.

Though, engineering stands on the second spot.

So, what do you think?

Do you have chance to get employed?

After looking at these stats, you should have a shift in your mindset that getting a job is quite possible.


Keep these stats handy.

And whenever any doubt would creep in, just open the article and read it. As many times as you can.

You can be employed.

And we at SkillhubLearning are committed to providing you with it.