Purpose of Education?

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What it really means to be educated?

Is it a bunch of degrees in your file-cabinet that you don’t see frequently?

Is it a series of accolades or credibility certificates that people know you by?

Or is it something else?

Today, as we’re in the midst of the greatest educational revolution, it’s apt to ask – “what it really means to be educated?”

The purpose of education

The purpose of education is certainly not rote-memorization.

Even not remembering a bunch of formula so that you can vomit in your examination hall.

It is rather to have the expertise to understand and apply the knowledge you learn in a practical setting without anyone’s interference.

It is to be able to ask the right questions and to go toward the right direction to find an answer.

It is to adapt to the situations and contribute to the organization that seeks to achieve a common goal.

It is to add the most practical wisdom to your kitty and to drop off the dross.

It is to think prudently and listen carefully.

It is to nurture your mind in such a way that you can be agile at the time of urgency and calm at the time of crisis.

It is to make sure that your learning never stops even though you’ve successfully earned a great CGPA and can sit back on your previous laurels.

It is to realize that education really is everything.

How would you be educated?

The million dollar question is – “how would you be educated?”

There are three things you should do that will help you tread toward the right path –

  • Domain expertise: Decide what you like to be good at. You may ask a bunch of questions or try new things to see what you really like to do. Learn about it. As much as you can. You need to have both the breadth and depth of knowledge. And you need to make sure that you apply what you learn immediately to crystalize the learning.
  • Positive Attitude: Things will not always go your way. And you won’t be able to learn continuously at times. But you need to keep a mindset that will help you hang on to your hat. If you maintain a positive mindset, learning would become significantly easier.
  • Adaptability: Being flexible to learn as much as you can and from as many sources as you can is the key. Just because you love to learn from books doesn’t mean you won’t learn from other sources like videos, podcasts, audiobooks, comprehensive courses etc.


What’s fascinating is the three steps we mentioned here are what actually employers look for in a candidate as per India Skill Report 2018.

Understand what education is. Take these three steps. Your future would be glorious.