Job or a Career

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Completing Education is one important milestone in each student’s life. It indeed is one of the most important milestones as it marks the beginning of a more responsible phase which makes one move towards financial Independence. Education or no education, everyone strives hard to achieve financial independence and contribute to the well-being of all associated with us.

This transition from financial dependence to independence is however not as simple as it sounds. It throws a lot of challenges; some face them bravely, some overcome them, some struggle and a few surrender. This story will try to highlight and focus on “What it takes to Succeed”.

So, here is a story of two friends who graduated together and they both were keen on joining IT sector.

They both had same qualification where one was better in the subject than the other one. The one with better grades decided to take up an entry level job where the second one decided to move to neighboring larger town to learn and prepare him more for the job. First one used to mock him “How much and how long will you study?” His logic – See, by the time you finish your studies, I would have gained experience and would have also earned some money to take care of my future needs. I will then move to this city for better job prospects; while you will be looking to start your Career, I would have already achieved some milestones and would have gained some seniority.

Second one, however, didn’t pay any attention to this and carried on with his plan. Few years later, they both met and were discussing the opportunities and job prospects. While the one with experience, struggled to find a good opportunity, second one received an offer with better compensation.  No, this was not his good luck or any favor that he got; difference was in their approach…While Job hunt of the first one was based on his fantasies about the dream job, the goodies that it was supposed to get him; Second one knew exactly what was good for him and what could take his career to greater heights.

Second one learnt the skills that would prepare him better for the challenges in the industry. He knew better about the Industry, the opportunities it presents, business challenges that it throws and learnt how to face them. He was actually prepared to be productive from the day one.

This person who opted to start immediately with a job, earlier, had joined the organization as a trainee hoping to learn all these things the practical way. In reality what happened was that the job assigned to him was very basic and had pushed him onto a different segment. He was now struggling to come back to the domain which he once dreamt of working and that used to one Career goal for both.

Though this second friend had to spent a little more time & money on studying and learning new skills; he actually strengthen his roots and was better prepared for a grand Career ahead.

“He succeeded coz he was looking for Success while the other one was seeing the Success path.”

He is doing well…

Moral: Don’t just dream for a job; visualize it. Do a thorough research on your dream job; know it well; prepare for it. Don’t rest on your achievements so far; your next step needs a better preparation

Hope it helps you guys who are looking & gearing up for this change and fighting their battle. If you feel this article helped you in anyway and in case you need more guidance, feel free on our website for a FREE consultation…I will be happy to help. Subscribe for more such stories and other Career tips.