What one thing matters the most in securing a job?

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Only one thing matters more than grades.

You may ask – “Does grade matter?”

Yes, in Indian context, it does.

Still many organizations ask for 60% or above grade to shortlist a candidate for interview.

So, if you want to get a job, you have to have good grades.

That’s given.

But along with that you need to have one thing that will guarantee that will crack the code of employment.

What is it?

It is – “learn-ability”.

The problem with grades

The problem with grades is it doesn’t tell us whether a candidate can apply what she knows. We know that when you get 80%, you have the knowledge. But can you apply what you already know? If needed, can you dedicate yourself to learn more, learn better?

If no, it’s difficult to secure a job.


Because with grades, you will only go so far.

You will be selected for an interview.

You may clear the general rounds as well.

But if you don’t know how you would apply what you know, you’ll get stuck in the technical round.

And as a result, your dream of securing a job after graduation will still be a dream.

No. We’re not writing this post to make you feel incapable.

We’re writing this so that you can learn how to learn.

How to learn “learn-ability”?

So, how would you build the skill of “learn-ability”?

Here’s how.

  • Think long-term: Don’t think short-term. Learning takes time. To learn something and apply, you need to have a long-term vision. Don’t try to quickly learn a tool and feel that you’re capable. No wonder why our programs are so very long (more than 100+ hours, think about it?). Learning takes time. Understand this first.
  • Find out what you love learning: This is critical. If you don’t love to learn something, it’s complete waste of your time and effort. And then, why learn something that you don’t like? If you find out learning about accounting makes you tick, go for it. Don’t waste time trying to understand chemistry.
  • Take the help of a mentor: Seek out someone who can help you. The reason we built Skillhub Learning is to help students like you. Our primary purpose is to show you how you can get a job and build a career.
  • Learn a thing or two every day: Learning has an important side-effect. It pays so very well. If you want to get a job, there’s only one way. It is to learn as much as you can in the domain of work you want to do.


The core word then is learning. Learn as much as you can. Yes, grades are important. But don’t learn for grades, learn for making a great career in the long run.