I am not able to clear Interviews. Why?

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It’s time to strategize your Job hunt!


A successful job leading to a fruitful career is a dream we all see. Many do achieve their goals but then there are many of us who fall short of Success

Then comes an even more confusing state when each person you meet has a piece of advice. Some suggest Communication skills, some will suggest Technical skills, some will even guide you towards entrepreneurship and the worst part is that none of it works unless you do a thorough analysis and arrive at the root causes.

Communication skills can improve your communication but then you need substance too.

Technical skills help you solve a problem but not every problem has the same solution

You need a strong understanding of the WHYs of whatever you learn.

There are enough employment opportunities available in the market…its a lack of awareness on our part that causes this gap.

Sharing a recent experience and hope you all will be able to relate to it. Here is goes…

This is a snapshot from one interview for Accountant’s position at our CA’s office. This candidate was a fresher

Employer: How do you pass a Sales entry?

Candidate (after some thoughts): Sir, we press F8 key in Tally and there are a few options…..

Employer: But, we don’t use Tally. We are using another ERP

Candidate: went into deep thoughts….

This is a real scenario and a very common one indeed. Focusing too much on tools/application won’t help unless the concepts are clear. This is nothing but employability gap. Tools/Applications may change and one can easily adapt as long as the foundations are strong.

What should you do to overcome this?

1. Identify the Job/Domain you are keen on. Understand the work requirements & challenges involved

2. Learn the right topics that will help you in a better understanding. Understand the impact you can create and how you can grow

3. Appear for an interview with a strong understanding of the domain. You may not be aware of the processes & software used by them and that’s fine as you can always learn that on the job

Lack of employment opportunities or experience is not an issue, lack of domain understanding is…work on that

Hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to reach us for more tips & career guidance.