Bridging the GAP between Academia AND Employment

On a Mission to develop an EMPLOYABLE Youth!



Developing Employability skills in our Youth is the deep drive behind our actions in Skillhub.

Having spent 2 decades in Education, Training & HR, our founders have experienced the challenges on both the side viz the Employee as well as the Employer. Their experience & learning reflects in the effective methodologies that we have created. We are currently working on Skills that the Industry demands. Some of our current offerings are Accounting courses, programs on Investment Banking, Financial planning & Human Resources.

How do we take this to the target audience?

Considering the scale and quantum of work required, we have adapted a collaborative approach where we associate with existing/aspiring Training centres/companies and enable them to take our product offerings to the market.  We leverage on each other’s strengths

Empowering Employability!

Our sharp focus is on creating Employable workforce and have chosen industry segments that promises massive employment opportunities in next couple of years. Learning Centres across diverse geography play a major role in our Mission 

What & Why

Employability is the need of the hour. Youth today knows WHAT to do but they don’t know WHY they do that, and this understanding of WHY brings in strong domain knowledge. It enables them to adapt the changes and quickly scale up their abilities to meet the changing needs. We have focused our attention on the Industry sector that demands huge manpower in times to come.

Our courses not just equip them with necessary skills to get a JOB but helps them to Aspire, Dream & Achieve their Career Goals.

What makes our approach Unique

Strong Domain Knowledge

Employability not just skills

Industry Relevant Programs

Niche Market Positioning

Our Courses

Certified Accounts Assistant

Accounting performs financial functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis and presentation of a business organization or company’s financial operations.

Certified Personal Financial Planner

The market regulator SEBI is pushing the companies to move towards investment advisory business from product sales. We have a huge shortage of financial planners in India. Financial Planning is a hot skill these days

Certified GST Accountant

It is an intensive, industry-revelant course on GST Training. GST professionals are the need of the hour. Since every company who has a turnover over INR 20 lakhs need to file for GST,

Certified Banking & Finance Specialist

The industry would need little more than 9 lakh people over the next 4 years. With the opening of new banks and financial institutions, the need for skilled manpower will definitely grow.

Our Associates

Creative Partner
Sales Partner
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What people say?

Skillhub consultancy has given us courses which are most relevant for students in terms of employability is concern. They have very well structure course plan, very practical to implement.
Suman Bhattacharjee
Edugnesh Tutorials
In my 25 yrs of experience of training and development while I have worked with all big giants of training Industry I found skill.hub a very promising company for the youth of India.